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week 1; jay and dirk

[IDK WHERE TO START IT SO. Starting it at letting Dirk in the room i guess so that's what's happened here.]

And now we officially have a sleepover!

[Yep that is what he'd say.]
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[Dirk, who is still suffering from a heavy cough, helpfully adds his enthusiasm.]


[He flops unceremoniously on the bed that he assumes to be Jake's based on, you know, knowing how Jake makes his bed.]
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[ jay is sitting on the couch and

god is he sick? is he contagious? jay refuses to get sick. ]

It's nice to meet you, Dirk. [ you possibly germ infested person ]
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Might as well decapitate me. Yo, Jay.

[He curves his arm to cough more, just generally being miserable.]

I inhaled too much dust.
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What were you doing that involved dust?

[ there's a lot of potential options here actually, but jay is nosy. ]
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Ow. [He shoves back at Jake but not hard.] I was explorin' the bookcases at the Hunter's Lodge with [He wants to say 'my brother' but doesn't] Dave. Apparently, those shelves are all kinds of dusty when you knock 'em down.
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[ why did you knock them down....... ]

I see. Well, at least neither of you were hurt doing... that...
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Dave hurt his hands. [So that sucks. He turns his face towards Jake and coughs again.] But yeah, the ocean doesn't do much by way of pollens and dust. It's more wicked humidity and a salt aura.
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[ poor dave ]

I'm used to both. You should probably be more careful though, especially considering our circumstances.
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Considerin' this is supposedly Innsmouth Motel, the fish people will come out to have horrible fish hybrids with us in a metaphor for Lovecraft's racist ideologies.

[Thanks for that helpful, Dave.]
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[ it's a good thing jake and dirk are paying attention to each other because the look of just complete and utter annoyance that comes across jay's face when lovecraft comes up AGAIN!!! could probably kill someone.

he's so tired. someone please give him a lovecraft story to read. why must he be out of the loop. ]

When you put it that way, having us kill each other doesn't sound as awful in comparison. Fairly tame, actually.
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[Dirk makes a groan because Jake why did you say that.]
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I can guarantee that I cannot get pregnant in any shape or form.

[ it hasn't even been five minutes ]
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You're right. It's totally reasonable. How could I suggest otherwise.

[Muffles the teenager while getting hair pets.

By the way his shades are still on because of course.]

Yuggoth's a planet in the Lovecraftian myth. It's where the brain-stealing fungi live.
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Ah, yes. Brain-stealing fungi. Of course.

[ HE IS SO DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ]

I'm sure we'll run into a lot of those.
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Yeah, with our abundant supply of them.
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You never know, maybe there was a large stash of masks somewhere but everyone else got to them already.

[ you know.... like the fucking knives and all the other useful items. ]
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Wanna declare any other murder weapons?

[dirk's just mad because he wants his katana]
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[ pulls a syringe out from under the couch. ]

Does this count?